About Us


EDU INTEC is a CODISSIA initiative that is focussed on addressing the gap between the educator and the receiver. The essence of this event is to make the audiences/visitors to be aware of the futuristic learning aids, technologies and learning environments needed for a student to stay relevant in the 21st century.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Students, Parents, and educators across India and even some parts outside India

The primary aim is to make our audiences reimagine education beyond schooling and college systems, adopt pragmatic learning and equip themselves with agility, which will make them relevant among their 21st century global peers.

The Context

EDU INTEC is a convergence platform of opportunities, to realize, understand, explore and get inspired about the trends and means of Learning & Knowledge Ecosystem, aimed at ushering in philosophy and practice of positive psychology of ‘EDU CULTURE’.

Team CODISSIA, being intuitive and instinctive to respond immediately to change, initiated setting a context for the Holistic and Futuristic Learning Systems of Knowledge Diffusion that enables a positive transformation of our being, through ‘HANDS-ON’ experience of futuristic educational systems.


EDU INTEC of CODISSIA is determined to deliver what it envisages as the inevitable social transformation. The undefined yet obviously felt void in the learning ecosystem mandatorily needs to be filled with the ‘so far not exhibited’, yet the most critical components – The Change – of the learning ecosystem. CODISSIA’s EDU INTEC aspires to make a transformational movement in the much-needed sector and considers it as it’s responsibility and not as an achievement.

Event location

Here, you will find directions to the venue. More space to meet and network!


CODISSIA, Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore.




75027 22000
0422 2222396 / 397