Exhibitor’s Space


Participate in EDU INTEC and let your global peers
know your presence in your field

  • Institutional Building & Infrastructure construction companies
  • Institutional Material Manufactures & Suppliers
  • Institutional Furniture Manufactures & Traders
  • Institutional Uniforms, Shoes, and Stationery, etc.
  • Auditorium Setup, Seating Systems, School Building Services
  • Educational, Institutional & Infrastructural Aids
  • IT Technologies
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Multimedia Computer Systems
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Automation Equipment (photocopiers)
  • Peripherals (printers/scanners/cameras)
  • Games Consoles
  • Portable / Hand-held Technology
  • Special Educational Needs Hardware
  • Franchise Development
  • School Franchise
  • Multimedia, 2D/3D Design, Animations
  • Game Technologies
  • Fashion Design Tools
  • VR & AR Training
  • Teacher Training Institutes
  • Educator Skill Academies
  • Student Skill and Development Academies
  • Career and Jobs Development centres
  • Sports Training Centres
  • Counselling and Guidance Centres
  • Online Training Centres
  • Professional Courses Training Centres
  • Linguistic Training Centres
  • Special Education Training centres
  • Online learning apps
  • Augmented Realty companies
  • Virtual Realty companies
  • Learning Academy
  • Software and Applications
  • E-learning and Smart Class Education
  • Training Technology and Software
  • Interactive Learning Systems
  • Multimedia
  • Online Classes
  • Math & English
  • Abacus
  • Programming Education
  • Education Crowdfunding
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • Classroom Collaboration
  • Corporate Education
  • Video in Learning
  • Global Reach Counselling
  • Consultants
  • International and Professional Education
  • Business, Technology and Management
  • Medical and Healthcare


CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex spans 40 acres with 20,000 sq.m covered with pillar free floor area. With its vast infrastructure that can avoid crowd stagnation, excellent organizing capability, and iconic brand reputation, CODISSIA ensures exhibitors of quality time spent with every visitor. Thus, the value of exhibiting is assured and the worthy of exhibiting experience will be felt.

The event will showcase diverse product varieties along with an excellent product mix. This will help you to easily identify your most unique & best-selling product, recognize your ideal target customers and discover your Unique Selling Proposition.

Edu Intec is a single exhibit platform with 8 diverse categories of exhibitors under the core sector, which will be advertised on 9 different media platforms. This will let the global peers know your presence in the field, along with presenting you an abundance of global strategic opportunities.

With the right mix of exhibitors, consciously filtered to ensure homogeneity towards the core sector, we provide you with potential partnering and collaborating opportunities. You can engage with 3 times more people – Deal Makers, Potential Partners with whom you can collaborate to cross-sell or co-create products to make newer business sense and Customers

We target highly qualified visitors, out of which 1 in every 3 visitors will be a potential decision maker. This will increase the probability of deal conversion to 8%, presenting you with useful and meaningful deal-making, along with high chances of on-spot product selling.


Chairpersons / Owners / Directors / Principals / Academicians / Teachers / Senior Management / Administrative Heads & Decision makers from Educational Institutes, Universities and Schools (Public and Private)


Chairpersons / Owners / Directors / Principals / Academicians / Teachers / Senior Management / Administrative Heads & Decision makers from Educational Institutes, Universities and Schools (Public and Private)


Representatives from various Government Bodies and Associations

Parents and Students from all colleges and schools

Retailers / Wholesalers / Distributors / Resellers / Buying Agents



Banks / Financial Institutions

Media and many more who will be your prospective customers.

The values you convert through EDU INTEC

EDU INTEC uses different mediums to attract a great number of audiences to the event. We do extensive Advertisements and PR activities to keep the hype and energy alive throughout the event.

Direct Marketing and Invitations

A massive direct invitation, mail and email campaign to Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Embassies, Training and Education Centers, Universities, Education Boards, Public Libraries, Education Free Zones, Government Bodies and Associations, Ministries, Media, Corporate Houses, Consultants, Banks Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Buying Agents to ensure qualified target audience

Print Media

Advertisements in leading National Dailies of the region, Regional Vernacular Dailies, B to B journals and Educational tabloids


Posters and banners shall be placed at strategic and key locations on a regional level to create a constant hype amongst the target groups

PR Activity

Press Meet with representatives from leading media houses will be organized prior to the fair and constant press releases will follow through the event days


Publicity on various prominent portals and through Banner spaces, Mailers to their members, Links, Articles to ensure maximum footage & presence amongst the target visitors


Publicity through the leading FM Channels

Social Media

Marketing using leading social media platforms and website

Digital Marketing

Marketing using digital technologies & media such as Mobile Phones & display advertising

Event location

Here, you will find directions to the venue. More space to meet and network!


CODISSIA, Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore.




75027 22000
0422 2222396 / 397