The EDUINTEC 2020 Conference organized on the sidelines of the EDUINTEC Trade Fair & Exhibition aims to foster dialogue in the field of Education with all major stakeholders – Schools, Colleges, Talent Managers, Policy Makers and Startups.

By attending the EDUINTEC 2020 Conference, you will

  • Contribute to and learn from panel discussions on pertinent topics with eminent speakers
  • Come across the latest innovations in the EDTech space
  • Meet exciting, creative and innovative companies
  • Experience path-breaking products
  • Become part of the EDUINTEC community
  • Network, mingle and share

Schedule of the EDUINTEC 2020 Conference

The first day of the conference will cover themes such as Teacher Training, Teaching Pedagogy, Technology Adoption and School Management. If you are a School Founder / Leader, Principal, Vice Principal, you must attend this program. Teachers involved in curriculum design and those that handle aspects of administration will also find this day immensely useful.

The second day of the conference will cover themes such as Student & Graduate Pathways, Employability Skills, and Recruitment Trends. If you are a College Founder / Leader, Principal, Dean, Head of Department, Training & Placement Officer you must attend this program. Lecturers and Professors involved in aspects of College administration will also find this day immensely useful.

Workshop on Enhancing Academic Intelligence (4 Hours)

Conducted by a team of core members of ThinQ (, the workshop will exemplify the ideas to enhance on Academic Intelligence through various activities and exposition.
These activities provide a hands-on experience of how one can use concepts of academic knowledge ranging from mathematics and the sciences to history and philosophy to develop abilities of problem solving, critical thinking, and inquiry. These abilities would be of value to everyone in their personal, public, and professional lives, regardless of their specialisation and career paths. It will benefit not only policy makers and management officials, but also teachers handling Grade 9 and above, and all others interested in educating others or being educated.

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